that's like... da rulez


1. I take Paypal or Money Orders.
2. I will ship anywhere.
3. I will hold items for up to 3 days, beyond that is up to my discretion.
4. I will consider haggling offers.
5. I hate to do this, but please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping in extreme cases. While I used to say 1-3 weeks, increasing stress and pain has cut into my availability. I work, go to class full time, and have persistent neck and back pain, all of which slow me down. However, I will ALWAYS be available for contact if this is a problem. If you need an item extra quickly, please tell me! It is much much easier to pack and ship a single item than a full lot of them.
6. Unless you pay extra, I will offer you the cheapest shipping option and may reuse packing materials (such as boxes or envelopes). The only exception is flat items, which I may choose to ship in a thicker envelope for their protection, unless you request otherwise.

kefanii [at] gmail [dot] com
kefanii on aim