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Pangolin's Box
4 June 1988
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This is Pangolin's Box, an LJ dedicated to the Pokémon (and maybe a few other sundry) collections of kefanii. Mainly for the enjoyment of a few, and even more myself. Mostly myself.

The main collection to be found here and the reason for the name is my large stash of Sandshrew/Sandslash merch I have my hands on. I haven't seen anyone with a larger pile of shrews! My other Pokémon collections include the Eeveelutions (especially Espeon and Leafeon) and the Licky-line, mainly Lickilicky.

I have a few other collections that will stick to their own miscellaneous posts, most likely. Porcelain figures, dolls, anime figs, that sort of thing. There will also probably be a sales post for Pokémon merch (and whatever else) I manage to acquire. Look for it!

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